Prayer can be defined as communication to a Supreme being. It can also be called talking to God. Through prayer, Christians are able to make their wishes known to the supreme being who is God. Christians pray for various reasons for example there are supplication prayers, repentance and prayers for thanksgiving. Each prayer is suitable for a certain situation. There are different ways in which Christians pray. For example we have group prayers, prayer and fasting and the like. Fasting is whereby you do not eat or drink anything for a few days as you pray constantly. This is mostly done when there is an urgent or serious issue. For example if there are pending elections then Christians come together to pray for such a situation. This is in accordance to what Jesus did back there in the wilderness for 40 days and nights. There are also cancer prayer network teams whose members are taught the importance of prayer.


This is done by spiritual leaders such as pastors where they get evidence from the Bible verses and teach on the importance of fasting and prayer. Consequently people have come up with evangelical prayer networks and ministries where they pray as a group. Evangelism can be defined as spreading or preaching of the gospel or the good news to those who do not know about Jesus. After this, they will gather saved. Getting saved means accepting God as your personal savior. One benefit of evangelical prayer networks is that it enables Christians to pray. Praying alone can be at times difficult especially when you are at a low point in life. Some of the importance  of prayer include strengthening the faith of a Christian. When you pray, you feel more connected to God and this makes you strong in faith. You are also able to know the will of God. There have been instances where people receive messages From God in forms of visions when they pray.



There is no specific place where you should pray. It can be done anywhere and anytime. In the Bible, the importance of prayer has been stressed so much. The evangelical prayer networks also play a role in preaching especially in schools. One of the major challenges that evangelical prayer networks have been facing is the lack of funds to support their ministry. Most of them rely only on donors who at times might not be reliable. Additional help from other parties is thus required. If you want to learn more about Evangelical Christian Prayer, you can visit